Eling Plastic Products Inc.
Injection Moulding Products
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Welcome to Eling Plastic Products Inc.

Our Products include:

  • Variety of Styles
    • Men
    • Women
Gel Insoles
  • Massaging Gel Insole
  • Orthotic Gel Insole
  • Gel Heel Cup
  • Gel Arch support
  • Gel Ball of Foot
Shower Sandals
  • Shower Sandals Antislider
  • Women's Pool and Spa Sandals
Horse Shoe
Curling Antislider
  • Coasters
  • Pop can Leads
  • Soap Holder
Pet Toys
  • Bones
  • Balls
Variety Plastic Parts
  • Stoppers
  • Grommets
  • Plugs

Our address

Eling Plastic Products Inc.
Injection Molding
384 Millen Road
Stoney Creek, Ontario

Phone: 905-662-6962
Fax: 905-662-0759
E-Mail: eling@bellnet.ca